Soul and R&B revelations of the moment, the three members of Gabriels offer the perfect mix of tradition and modernity on their first Qobuzissime album, “Angels & Queens”. Meet Jacob Lusk, the fascinating singer of the Anglo-American trio, whose number one fan is... Elton John!

Gabriels (Jacob Lusk) | Qobuz Interview


Just a few seconds of his stunning vocals are enough to gauge what Gabriels is all about. The secret weapon of Gabriels and their debut album Angels & Queens is Jacob Lusk! This thirty-something Californian has already made his mark, singing backing vocals for Beck, Diana Ross and Nate Dogg, as well as appearing on American Idol. Jacob is the embodiment of this lively, invigorating soul music that is neither too retro nor too futuristic. Alongside Lusk, Englishman Ryan Hope and American Ari Balouzian have created the perfect setting to showcase Lusk’s XXL voice. With an incendiary falsetto in the style of Curtis Mayfield, hints of a strong gospel upbringing and a whisper like an inhabited lover, Jacob truly is the whole package! We meet this extraordinary artist, who talks about his musical upbringing, his past experiences and this new Gabriels adventure, endorsed by a certain Elton John, which has only just begun...