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Bossa Nova & Brésil - Verschenen op 8 januari 2015 | Ariola

Onderscheidingen The Qobuz Ideal Discography
Released in 1999, Na Pressão (Under Pressure) was a key album in Lenine’s career and the symbol of the successful transition of mpb (música popular brasileira – Brazilian popular music) into the new millennium. This musician from Recife is the natural heir to Chico Science, who passed away in 1997 and was the leader of the band Nação Zumbi and instigator of the mangue bit movement that promoted and practiced a mix of cultural heritage and modernity. On his second solo album, Lenine perfectly synthesises the ingredients and eclectic and asserted influences that make up his grammar as a composer. Rural traditions from Pernambuco, international urban music (rock, hip-hop, electro-pop), languid ballades inherited from bossa nova and collages inspired by the Tropicália movement: everything blends or takes turns in an unexpected and exciting flow. Twenty years later, these compositions have proved timeless, the interpretation and arrangements still sound good and the production, which cleverly blends acoustic sounds and digital effects, has not aged one bit. A postmodern classic that could only originate from Brazil, a country where external influences are expertly recycled without losing its own identity. © BM/Qobuz