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Opera - Verschenen op 16 mei 2014 | deutsche harmonia mundi

Booklet Onderscheidingen Diapason d'or - 4 étoiles Classica
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Volledige opera's - Verschenen op 9 november 2012 | deutsche harmonia mundi

Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - Choc de Classica
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 17 augustus 2018 | deutsche harmonia mundi

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Diapason d'or
First world premiere on disc for these three Symphonies from Anton Zimmermann (1741-1781), a contemporary composer of Haydn, who unfortunately passed away at 39—because when listening to those gems, we wonder where he would have stopped had he lived up until, let’s say, 1810 for example… We notice straightaway that Zimmermann thumbs his nose at every standard: in the use of keys (in 1771, a symphony in E-minor was kind of a rarity: Haydn himself, a great experimenter, has only one under his belt), in the architecture—the order and type of movements are somewhat knocked over—and in the instrumentality too. Reckon that the Symphony in B-flat major uses wood instruments as well as as many soloists independent of the string instruments; and that in the splendid Symphony in C minor, beginning with a singular adagissimo, he doesn’t hesitate to include trombones. In 1770! An era when, at best, trombones were used for special effects at the opera, or to increase the solemnity of a piece of sacred music, but never in the symphonic field. Additionally, he doesn’t hesitate to finish two of these symphonies on an appeased pianissimo tone, where usually people end resoundingly. We eagerly await to discover the thirty-six other symphonies from this strange character. Icing on the cake, many of his works were long attributed to Haydn, because we couldn’t imagine so much bravery and genius being issued from a simple Zimmermann… The Arte del mondo performs in an exemplary way, conducted by Werner Ehrhardt. © SM/Qobuz
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Symfonische muziek - Verschenen op 1 februari 2011 | CPO

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Klassiek - Verschenen op 10 januari 2008 | Ludi Musici