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HI-RES€ 15,99
CD€ 11,49

Klassiek - Verschenen op 15 december 2017 | Le Palais des Dégustateurs

Hi-Res Booklet
It is a great pleasure for Le Palais des Dugustateurs to produce Trio Arc’s first recording (featuring Irina Chkourindina on piano, and Ardina and Jan Nehring on strings). This programming of this recording is very cleverly though out, featuring three trios, including Beethoven’s famous trio, “The Spirits,” Frank Martin’s Trio on Irish melodies, and Brahms’ Second Trio. You will be sensitive to the sincerity of musicians who do not force, and do not fall into any easy excesses. You will be convinced by their sober interpretation, without chatter, very precise and which remains always musical. © Le Palais des dégustateurs