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Jazz - Verschenen op 28 september 2018 | ECM

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Following four albums that have helped established him on the contemporary jazz scene, Shai Maestro is taking a major step by combining with the ECM label. Still in a trio with his double bass accomplice Jorge Roeder and drummer Ofri Nehemya (who replaces regular Ziv Ravitz), the Israeli pianist is once again going down the path of sublime multi-layered narratives. The melodies are taken from jazz as well as Eastern traditional music, and even Western classical music. Whether he feels introspective (on Israeli Matti Caspi’s My Second Childhood) or overtly provocative (surprising interpretation of the classic These Foolish Things), he has kept his soft touch and refined musical language. Ever since 2012, when he released the first album with him as the frontman, his profoundly personal aesthetic has continued to impress. He possesses a strong narrative force and stays well wired into the times, like on the final composition What Else Needs To Happen?, in which Shai Maestro very subtly inserts the voice of Barack Obama giving a speech about gun control. © Marc Zisman/Qobuz
€ 16,49

Jazz - Verschenen op 28 september 2018 | ECM

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Jazz - Verschenen op 24 augustus 2018 | ECM

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Jazz - Verschenen op 14 september 2018 | ECM