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Folk - Verschenen op 15 februari 2019 | Axster Bingham Records

Since his 2007 album Mescalito, Ryan Bingham has carved out an image of himself as an endearing Americana troubadour. A songwriter who mixes the influences of Steve Earle, Southern rock and Outlaw cowboys, not to mention, in no particular order, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, the Stones and Jerry Jeff Walker... In 2009, winning an Oscar and a Golden Globe for The Weary Kind (his song for the film Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges), he turned even more heads with his pretty New Mexico cowboy face. But he never abused these assets to reach a wide audience nor did he change his neo-country style. He’s not that kind of guy… Then things took a turn. Alcohol got the better of his mother and his father committed suicide. With the help of his girlfriend and his hardcore fans, Bingham has gradually resurfaced. The songs on American Love Song are rather excellent and he keeps a stiff upper lip throughout this sixth studio album. Co-produced by the great Charlie Sexton (Dylan's guitarist on even days, a hard-core made in Austin rocker on odd days), American Love Song has the warmth of a seventies country rock record without ever sounding outdated. A few blues or soul scents envelop an efficient and fairly classic production that gives pride of place to guitars. Throughout the ballads and the more up-tempo songs, Bingham speaks sincerely of himself, of those who hang around the emergency stop tape and, for over one hour, he sketches a beautifully eclectic portrait of contemporary America which is as classy as its album cover. ©Marc Zisman/Qobuz
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Country - Verschenen op 1 februari 2019 | Axster Bingham Records