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Opera - Verschenen op 30 augustus 2019 | harmonia mundi

Hi-Res Booklets Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica
A challenge. This is a disorienting, provocative, and terribly refreshing album. Before launching headlong into the "Da Ponte-Mozart Trilogy", Raphaël Pichon undertakes a spirited exploration of the themes, throwing all these pieces together into a three-part "pasticcio", with the help of Mozart's earlier works and those of his contemporaries. To do this, Pichon and his arrangers use concert arias, nocturnes, canons, unfinished operas with characters and situations that evoke those of the trilogy. They have thrown together a delicious miniature trilogy "like a sort of musical apéritif." The result is all the more pleasing because it allows us to follow the evolution of Mozart's thought, at the same time as underlining the continuity of his literary choices and situations that he would set to music throughout his short life. Add that to some lively conducting and soloists who have great fun prefiguring the coming masterpieces. The result is a real gourmet feast. © François Hudry/Qobuz