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Prins Thomas

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Prins Thomas is a Norwegian electronic dance music producer and DJ whose style is a mélange of disco, house, minimal techno, electro, Krautrock, jazz fusion, space rock, and more. First appearing during the mid-2000s, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with Lindstrøm, Thomas was one of several producers credited with establishing a 21st century version of space disco, largely lacking the kitschier elements of its '70s and '80s forebears. The prolific artist's myriad releases, including several numerically titled full-lengths and dozens of 12" singles, often include lengthy dancefloor jams consisting of warm, sequencer-driven patterns and live instruments such as guitars and hand drums. However, he's also branched off into more ambient material, such as his ambitious 2016 set Principe del Norte, as well as more experimental, downtempo collaborations with Bjørn Torske (Square One, 2017) and Bugge Wesseltoft (self-titled, 2018). Additionally, his vastly eclectic DJ sensibilities are reflected by mixes such as Paradise Goulash (2015) and Smalltown Supersound 25: The Movement of Free Spirit (2018). In 2020, he explored early trance influences on the solo full-length Træns, then reunited with Lindstrøm for the pair's third full-length. Born Thomas Moen Hermansen and based in Oslo, Norway, he initially made a name for himself as Prins Thomas in the mid-2000s in collaboration with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (more commonly known as just Lindstrøm). The two Norwegian producers first teamed up for the Further Into the Future EP (2004) on Lindstrøm's Feedelity label before releasing the trendsetting full-length album Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas (2005) on Eskimo Recordings. Also in 2005, Thomas released an eponymous full-length album under the Major Swellings moniker on Noid Recordings and founded a label of his own, Full Pupp. In addition to releasing the work of similarly styled space disco producers on Full Pupp, most notably Todd Terje, he released EPs of his own such as Goettsching (2005) and Fehrara (2006). Meanwhile, Thomas quickly became an in-demand remixer (for instance, the Justus Köhncke vs. Prins Thomas EP on Kompakt, Elan [2007]) and DJ (the double-disc Cosmo Galactic Prism mix album [2007] on Eskimo Recordings). As his profile rose in stature -- along with that of the entire space disco movement, whose popularity extended well beyond the electronic dance music community -- Thomas joined the globe-trotting DJ circuit and revived his celebrated partnership with Lindstrøm for a remix album, Reinterpretations (2007), and follow-up full-length effort, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas II (2009). He continued to release a succession of EPs and the double-disc label sampler Full Pupp Presents the Greatest Tits, Vol. 1 (2008). Following countless collaborations, EP releases, and involvement in remixes and other projects, Thomas focused on releasing his own albums, beginning with a self-titled record in 2010, Prins Thomas II in 2012, and III in 2014, all released on his own Full Pupp label. He celebrated the first decade of Full Pupp with the double-CD mix compilation 10 Years of Full Pupp (2004-2014), and another mixed CD, Rainbow Disco Club, Vol. 1, arrived on Endless Flight before the end of 2014. In 2015, Thomas released an ambitious three-CD mix titled Paradise Goulash, which featured a much more eclectic track list than his usual disco-centric mixes, ranging from Gabor Szabo to Wally Badarou to Kurt Vile. In early 2016, he released Toransu, a double EP of neo-disco tracks, followed by Principe del Norte (Smalltown Supersound), a double album of lengthy, often beatless pieces that explored his ambient, minimalist, and kosmische influences. Principe del Norte Remixed followed, featuring contributions from the Orb, Ricardo Villalobos, Hieroglyphic Being, and others. The following year saw the release of Square One, a full-length collaboration with Bjørn Torske, as well as Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas), a remix album of Häxan by Swedish psych band Dungen. Finally, near the end of 2017, Thomas released 5 on his own Prins Thomas Musikk imprint. Near the end of 2018, he celebrated the eclectic history of Smalltown Supersound with the triple-CD mix Smalltown Supersound 25 and collaborated with jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft on an eponymous outing. Thomas' sixth solo album, Ambitions, followed in 2019. Træns, an homage to trance's formative era of the early '90s, was released by Running Back in 2020. Later in the year, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas reunited and released their hazy, easygoing third album.
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