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Klassiek - Verschenen op 23 augustus 2019 | Canary Classics

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Although often overshadowed by her brother Gil, with whom she has made several recordings, Orli Shaham is pursuing a magnificent career on the piano. Shaham is continuing to keep it in the family with this new album, which takes on two of Mozart's concertos, which she has chosen to record with her husband, David Robertson conducting. Robertson is the conductor of the Saint Louis Chamber Orchestra.Orli Shaham's particular affinity for Mozart was already demonstrated in the recording of sonatas for violin and piano, which she made with her brother: it is confirmed here in this music's rounded, sensual sound and its expressive musicality. It soars into a luminous hedonism in the Piano Concerto No. 17 in G Major, K. 453, with a splendid Andante which is marked by an irresistible melancholy. In Shaham's hands, the torments of the Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491 are softened: they belong to the 18th Century, and do not announce the romanticism imagined by the many performers who see (often correctly) this work as containing a miraculous expressive force which bursts the bounds of its era. © François Hudry/Qobuz
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 3 juni 2015 | Canary Classics

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