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Jazz - Verschenen op 11 januari 2019 | Disques Dreyfus

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Michel Petrucciani was an extraordinary being. His size, his constant fight against glass bone disease, his incredible energy to push the limits of what’s possible, his XL talent, his hard work, his true charisma and his humour place him among those who left a deep mark on their time, transcending the borders of jazz... When he died on January 6, 1999, Petrucciani was only 36 years old but he left behind an impressive international career and a status as a national hero. Building on the legacy of Bill Evans, his idol, but also Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell, Petrucciani never failed in paving his own way. With a strong and articulated playing style which leant against a sharp sense of swing and dramatization, he always brought out the melody in his playing. Petrucciani shone when he immersed himself in harmony and arrangements, developing his improvisations on a lyricism that was never too heavy. Twenty years after his death, the pianist from Orange is celebrated once again with a double album featuring 18 personal tracks. A way of reminding us of the gifted composer that he was. Recorded between 1994 and 1997 as solos, duets (with Eddy Louiss, Stéphane Grappelli or Stefano Di Battista), a trio (with Steve Gadd and Anthony Jackson), a trio with a string quartet (with Dave Holland, Tony Williams and the Graffiti Strings Quartet) and a sextet (with Gadd, Jackson, Di Battista, Bob Brookmeyer and Flavio Boltro), the Petrucciani we find on Colors is above all a moving narrator and, in line with the album title, a colourful artist. © Marc Zisman/Qobuz
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Jazz - Verschenen op 11 januari 2019 | SWR Jazzhaus

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Jazz - Verschenen op 26 februari 2019 | Disques Dreyfus

Jazz - Verschenen op 11 december 2018 | Dreyfus Jazz

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