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Wereldmuziek - Verschenen op 2 februari 2018 | NO FORMAT

Hi-Res Onderscheidingen 4F de Télérama - Songlines Five-star review
Between 1915 and 1934, the newly-independent island of Haiti was occupied by the Americans. The island's indomitable people united around traditional or originals songs, which affirmed their creole identity and gave voice to their resistance. It is from this repertoire, shaped and haunted by the figures of Voodoo, that Mélissa Laveaux has taken the raw material for her third album. By taking on this intimate piece of national culture, the singer, of Haitian descent but born in Canada and living in France, has found an excellent way of symbolically exploring the land of her ancestors. With the exception of Jolibwa, which tells the story of a journalist who was killed in prison, she is at once the author and the performer of these songs, which were often freshly written immediately before their recording. She appropriates this cultural heritage with a freedom which is only equalled by her profound and instinctive understanding of the emotions that were first expressed. Working together with her brilliant accomplices in the A.L.B.E.R.T. collective, (the Jazzbastards Vincent Taurelle, Ludovic Bruni and Vincent Taege), who recently helped with the latest release by Oumou Sangaré and were present on his album Dying Is a Wild Night, Melissa Laveaux has gone the distance in her quest for identity. Inspired by the pioneering traditional singers Martha Jean-Claude or Emerante de Pradines, she has rifled through old documents, liberated songs that were made to be heard, and freed herself from the weight of convention. She has created a freedom which is as poetic as it is musical, in which traditional troubadours' airs take on new life in tones of deep soul or elegant pop rock. The sensitive and inspiring track list of her Radyo Siwèl deserves to be rewarded with record audiences. © BM/Qobuz
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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 10 juni 2014 | No Format!

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Wereldmuziek - Verschenen op 27 oktober 2017 | NO FORMAT

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