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House - Verschenen op 31 augustus 2018 | Neverbeener Records - Grand Musique Management

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Kiddy Smile wants to bring house to the masses. While vintage house has come roaring back over the last few years, and twenty years have passed since French Touch conquered the charts, this totem of the ballroom scene and Parisian voguing makes no secret of his ambitions for this first album. After putting audiences on notice with 2016's Let A B!tch Know, Kiddy Smile, on the much-publicised label Defected, is aiming higher and brings in Robin S, Armand Van Helden and Mojo, his points of references for songs, aiming perhaps for a career like that of Sylvester, American gay icon who wrote the global hit You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) in 1978.But that doesn't mean he's giving up on house, which forms the foundation of almost all the tracks on this album, in particular the vocal house of Ron Trent and Frankie Knuckles in particular, who sent the genre mainstream in the US of the 1990s, with their remixes of soul/pop hits. Can the model work in France? We'll see. But Kiddy Smile, assisted by Julien Galner of Château Marmont on production, brings all his talents to the table, like on Be Honest featuring Rouge Mary, a superbly soulful track, or One Trick Pony, produced by Boston Bun (Ed Banger), an alluring pop/R&B crossover. Two tracks with great potential, accompanied by club hits that are sure to fill dancefloors (House of God, Burn the House Down), and the single Dickmatized, which recalls the powers of the Italian fidget duo Crookers. All the elements of success are brought together here. © Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz
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House - Verschenen op 22 november 2019 | Neverbeener Records - Grand Musique Management


House - Verschenen op 21 augustus 2020 | Glitterbox Recordings

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House - Verschenen op 16 december 2016 | Defected Records

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House - Verschenen op 16 juni 2016 | Defected Records

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House - Verschenen op 16 mei 2018 | Neverbeener - Grand Musique Management

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Electronic - Verschenen op 12 november 2012 | Modern Freaks

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House - Verschenen op 18 november 2013 | Chambre 404

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House - Verschenen op 21 augustus 2020 | Glitterbox Recordings


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