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Klassiek - Verschenen op 22 november 2019 | Naxos

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The Malmö Symphony Orchestra and its conductor Jun Markl uphold a repertoire which is rarely heard live, specifically French music from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. After Albéric Magnard (BIS in 1999 and 2000) and Vincent d’Indy (Naxos, 2019), they have published a Camille Saint-Saëns album (once again for Naxos). An untiring globe-trotter, Saint-Saëns peppers his music with effects which create a background of different sounds. As opposed to Louise by Gustave Charpentier or Pelléas by Debussy, Les Barbares by Saint-Saëns (conceived in 1901) is a new example of the purest tradition of of French lyricism. The harmonic richness of the score, its bountiful melodies and the opulence of its orchestration do not break any new ground. Indeed, it seems Saint-Saëns is more inventive when composing within a more classic framework. However, despite the anachronistic nature of this work, which is also identified in Ascanio, La princesse jaune, Jota aragonese, Andromaque and Ouverture d’un opéra-comique inachevé, the listener savours every note. The programme, which combines the orchestral pages of these scores (ballet, opera and other lyrical tragedy), allows the Malmö Symphony Orchestra to show the full range of their musical colour: sumptuous strings, soaring harps and an irresistible harmony make them sound like one lone supermusician. Indeed, Jun Markl sculpts the MSO with uniformity in mind - the sound recording sticks to this approach as well - highlighting the the powerful lyrical dimension of this repertoire. An inspiring and necessary account of the genius of French orchestration. © Elsa Siffert/Qobuz