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Klassiek - Verschenen op 14 mei 2021 | Supraphon a.s.

Jana Boušková is one of the most globally distinguished harpists of the present day. Her acclaim comes as no surprise - she has garnered numerous prestigious accolades (first prize at the USA International Harp Competition, etc.), performed at major venues all over the world along with renowned artists (Rostropovich, Vengerov, Bashmet, Tetzlaff, and others), and she has gained recognition as a musician (solo harpist of the Czech Philharmonic) and teacher (professor at the Royal College of Music in London and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels) - to name but a few of her accomplishments. Yet Jana Boušková has never forgotten where her roots are and the tradition from which her own artistry and sentiment have grown. The new album, symbolically titled Má vlast, occupies a special position in her discography. By arranging for the harp their "iconic" pieces, Jana Boušková has paid tribute to the most celebrated Czech composers. Má vlast is her most personal profession of love for her homeland and the towering figures who shaped her musical landscape. Smetana, Dvořák and Suk made Czech music global - and Jana Boušková makes it resound all over the world again. © Supraphon
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Symfonische muziek - Verschenen op 11 februari 2019 | Český rozhlas

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Kamermuziek - Verschenen op 1 januari 1995 | Lupulus