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Klassiek - Verschenen op 27 maart 2020 | B Records

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For Johannes Brahms, the essence and defining feature of chamber music resided in the string quartet, and the form commanded so much respect and rigour from him that he burnt dozens of his first attempts at the genre. This shows how much the three quartets brought together here, and added to quite naturally by the sublime piano quintet, represent the quintessence of that great resident of Vienna. It is a magical climax to this outstanding collection of Brahms’s complete chamber music works released by B Records, still under the auspices of La Belle Saison. © B Records
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 6 december 2019 | B Records

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Concertmuziek - Verschenen op 22 maart 2019 | Alpha

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With their poetry, their passionate and intimate lyricism, their refined style that gradually reveals hidden depths, the thirteen Nocturnes of Gabriel Fauré are the most significant group of works in his oeuvre for solo piano. Composed over a period of forty-six years (between 1875 and 1821), they bear witness to the composer’s remarkable stylistic evolution. From a form of expression rooted in romanticism, to an aesthetic fully aligned with 20th-century modernity, Fauré can be said to have shaped his musical personality like a sculptor. His Nocturnes are not all of equal importance, but as a whole their diversity and development offer a perfect panorama of his art. Éric Le Sage, one of the French piano school’s main representatives, whose many recordings for Alpha include the complete chamber music of Fauré, here interprets the repertoire closest to his heart. © Alpha Classics
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 20 juli 2018 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Diapason d'or / Arte - Le Choix de France Musique - 5 étoiles de Classica
With this new series entitled ‘Salon de musique’, Alpha presents recordings made by artists who have enlivened the Festival of Salon de Provence for some years now: the pianist Eric le Sage, who has made many recordings for Alpha, the clarinettist Paul Meyer etc… with cellist Claudio Bohórquez, they have now put two Beethoven trios on disc. By 1798, the year Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Trio for piano, clarinet and cello op.11, he was already well-known in Vienna as a remarkable improviser and an ambitious young composer. the piece was clearly aimed at the enlightened aristocracy, as well as competent musical amateurs. This did not prevent the critics, though universally positive, from judging the score to be over-complex in places. Dedicated to the Empress Marie-Theresa of Austria, the Septet was published in 1802 by Hofmeister, and on being well-received it was then rearranged for various combinations. Beethoven himself made a version for clarinet, cello and piano, op.38 in E Flat major – the one recorded here. © Alpha Classics
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Kwartetten - Verschenen op 27 april 2018 | B Records

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 étoiles de Classica
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 30 oktober 2015 | Alpha

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Klassiek - Verschenen op 9 september 2014 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 4F de Télérama - 4 étoiles Classica
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 8 april 2014 | Outhere - Rewind

Booklet Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica
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Duo´s - Verschenen op 28 januari 2014 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 4 étoiles Classica - Hi-Res Audio
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 23 oktober 2012 | Alpha

Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 25 september 2012 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - Gramophone Editor's Choice - Choc de Classica - Hi-Res Audio
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Kwartetten - Verschenen op 2 mei 2012 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Hi-Res Audio
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 23 april 2012 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica - Hi-Res Audio
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Kamermuziek - Verschenen op 29 september 2011 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica - Exceptional Sound Recording - Hi-Res Audio
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 4 november 2010 | Alpha

Booklets Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - 4 étoiles Classica
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 26 augustus 2010 | Alpha

Booklet Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica - Choc Classica de l'année
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Klassiek - Verschenen op 5 november 2009 | Alpha

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Klassiek - Verschenen op 27 februari 2009 | CAvi-music

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Klassiek - Verschenen op 28 augustus 2008 | Alpha

Onderscheidingen 9 de Classica-Répertoire