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Klassiek - Verschenen op 8 februari 2019 | Portara

John Williams is famous for his extensive career in the film industry and has composed film scores for Star Wars, E.T. and Indiana Jones, to name but a few. He is, however, less well-known for his many fabulous concertos for flute, violin, clarinet, bassoon, cello, trumpet, horn, oboe, as well as for tuba. This particular concerto was composed in 1985 to celebrate the centenary of the Boston Pops Orchestra, whose founder was also the principal tuba player for the orchestra (Williams was the principal conductor at the time having taken over from the infamous Arthur Fiedler who had occupied the role for half a century). Here, the little gem is performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin with the orchestra’s principal tuba, the larger-than-life Dennis Nulty, as soloist. John Williams’ work is recognizable by his wide range of overtures and dazzling fanfares (his repertoire outside of the world of film includes dozens of pieces for brass or wind orchestras), and a willingness to be a little cheeky in some of his more vivacious themes. This piece highlights how despite it being a large instrument supposedly restricted to playing low notes, the tuba is actually an instrument of tremendous agility and is capable of reaching the high notes incredibly easily. © SM/Qobuz