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Jazz - Verschenen op 19 januari 2018 | ECM

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 Sterne Fono Forum Jazz
With a huge variety of sources and influences, Bobo Stenson’s music is never limited to a single territory. He’s not really the kind of Swedish pianist who throws himself into the wide range of improvised music, be it jazz or other genres. He is very much in line with the ECM aesthetic, the label on which he has been one of the most prominent musicians for over four decades… His Swedish trio (Anders Jormin on the double bass and Jon Fält on the drums) makes a stand in the ever so indecisive world of 2017 with this Contra La Indecisión, an album as magnificent as it is decisive. Staying true to themselves, the group supports the originality of their approach here. In addition to collective improvisations and original compositions signed by Stenson and Jormin, we find on the menu the piece which gives the album its name, composed by the Cuban Silvio Rodríguez as well as the adaption of a Slovak folk song signed by Béla Bartók, an extract from Cançons I Danses by Federico Mompou and even the famous Elégie by Erik Satie! The physical and mental force of the trio and the individuality of each of its members is such that all these influences come to blend coherently into an organic whole of profound originality. With Stenson’s lyrical touch as well as Jordan’s folk tinged phrasing make Contra La Indecisión as exquisite as possible… © MZ/Qobuz