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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 26 oktober 2018 | [PIAS] Le Label

Hi-Res Onderscheidingen Qobuzism
A dandy Englishman with a nonchalant voice, a pioneer of French Touch, and a riot girl. This surprise autumn collaboration is brought to us by Baxter Dury, Étienne de Crécy and Delilah Holiday. The story began at the end of 2017 when Baxter Dury, looking for something to do in Paris, sent a text to De Crécy to ask him if he had any instruments lying around. Then, after a few trips between Gare du Nord and Saint-Pancras, two became three with the addition of the Londoner from Skinny Girl Diet, who had shown a real knack for Soul/R&B on her first mixtape (Lady Luck Vol.1) in the spring of 2018. The trio spent any free time they had in De Crécy’s studio, sticking to a simplistic style similar to that of Sleaford Mods. The the final result is "an underdeveloped mutant child of the 80s" according to Dury. Étienne de Crécy removed any frills and provided his two collaborators with demo like material, most of it synth-pop productions stripped down to a bass-line, a well mixed drum machine and a piano. It definitely works: the single White Coats proves that you don’t need that much to make a good song, as long as you have good singers. Throughout this record its the vocals that create the atmosphere, Baxter Dury’s serious and indolent tones responding to Delilah Holiday’s soulful voice, without which the record would’ve been a bit dull. "Étienne created the musical foundations for this confession story and Delilah pushes it towards something a bit more emotional" said Dury. "It’s an unlikely mix that works because it’s short, sweet and honest." © Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz
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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 10 september 2018 | [PIAS] Le Label



Baxter Dury & Étienne de Crécy & Delilah Holliday in het magazine