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Klassiek - Verschenen op 3 november 2017 | Aeolus

Hi-Res Booklet
We don't know a lot about the composer Françoise Dufaut; it seems he was born around 1604, and the last mention of his name appears in 1672 - and then that is in a letter asking whether he is still alive... In the intervening years, he shows up in France, in England (curiously, around 1650, in the era of Cromwell's sinister religious dictatorship, the First Commonwealth and later the Protectorate, which put strict limits on all music), in Austria, and then probably again in England, where he likely died. On the other hand, he also left us a very ample repertoire of manuscripts and printed works for the lute, coming to 165 pieces, which delighted lutists throughout the 17th Century. Closer to our times, the lutist André Heinrich has picked out a lovely selection of Dufaut's works, five large and generous Suites, which he plays on a copy of a Viennese eleven-stringed lute made by Andreas Berr and dated 1690, the copy produced in 2001 by Ivo Magherini in Bremen. With its long, narrow body, Berr's lute follows the style of lutes from Bologna in the 16th Century, which were also the instruments most commonly sold in France in the 17th Century. © SM/Qobuz