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Concertmuziek - Verschenen op 4 oktober 2019 | Evidence

Hi-Res Booklet
For her first solo recording, Alexandra Luiceanu designed a Russian and romantic program that echoes intimate roots. It is a kind of homage to childhood where music resonates like a reminiscence of a primal language, forever present and understood. Fascinating and mysterious, the disc is entitled Matriochka because the works follow one another like so many faces of Romantic Russia: the sad smile of Mussorgsky, the painful intensity of Rachmaninov, the voluptuousness of Erdely, the tenderness of Ivanov. They all come alive thanks to the richness of the harp’s timbres. Alexandra Luiceanu depicts the many facets of the Russian soul like those cute Russian dolls one after another. Her virtuosity sounds natural in these original pieces and transcriptions. Thus, effacing itself behind the music, the harp becomes poetry. © Evidence/Little Tribeca