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Qobuz for Mac/PC now compatible with UPnP/DLNA and ChromeCast!

Door Philippe DAUSSIN |

People often asked us if it would ever be, and some of our subscribers must now be overjoyed: Qobuz for Mac/PC is now compatible with UPnP/DLNA and ChromeCast!

Everything must run its course, as MGMT sang, and maybe the new functionalities integrated into Qobuz for Mac/PC will be subject to improvement, but it happens that they are now a reality, after many of our subscribers wished for it.

A few graphic and ergonomic details have also been modified, in particular the handling of musical genres and the choice of the audio output, while the listing of available peripherals has been divided in two families, internal and external, themselves subdivided into modus operandi for USB peripherals on PC (they are listed by name of Mac since it is not necessary to install drivers), and for external devices, those compatible with UPnP/DLNA (streaming up to 24-Bit/192 kHz via a third-party application) and those using the GoogleCast protocol (24-Bit/96 kHz with the ChromeCast Audio).

Our developers have tested the UPnP/DLNA compatibility with a few devices that were at their disposal but the UPnP protocol isn’t always respected to the letter by manufacturers, and it is possible that some models wouldn’t be detected by the application and wouldn’t appear in the list. If it happened to you, do not hesitate to notify us so that we can help. On the other hand, there is actually no problem with the management of functionalities with GoogleCast.

The illustrated new features

- The new source pictogram (right bottom corner, temporary audio peripherals marking).

- The internal audio outputs with their different modes (WASAPI, ASIO...).

- The expanded external DLNA/UPnP audio outputs (wireless connections).

- The expanded external audio outputs compatible with GoogleCast.