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The mconnect control HD application with Qobuz in Hi-Res

Door Abigail Church |

We’re here to let you discover the mconnect control HD application as a preamble to the testing ground of the Ayre QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub, which is a device compatible with this application.

This is a Korean company, Conversdigital, specialized in Wi-Fi connectivity, connected audio and smartphone applications, that offers several applications whose names share the common root “mconnect”.

There are five of them, three being software players compatible with UPnP (mconnect Player Lite, a trial version whose functionalities are limited; mconnect Player and mconnect Player HD, the paid versions), and two being control applications (mconnect control and mconnect control HD) requiring the use of a compatible device, like the Ayre QX-5 Digital Hub, whose testing ground we just wrote and which we used to do screenshots that will illustrate this article.

Mconnect Player, whatever its version, is a network-ready multimedia player that allows you to freely play files on the UPnP/DLNA compatible network player of any system.

Mconnect Control, whatever its version, is a control application meant for the audio devices on your network that are compatible with the mconnect technologies sold by ConversDigital S.A.

All those applications are compatible with Qobuz, and with Qobuz in Hi-Res for the HD versions.

The picture below, taken from the Conversdigital website, allows you to see and compare the possibilities of the five versions of mconnect, which are all available for iOS and Android.

Versions for Android

mconnect Player Lite
mconnect Player
mconnect Player HD

mconnect control
mconnect control HD

Versions for iOS

mconnect Player Lite
mconnect Player
mconnect Player HD

mconnect control
mconnect control HD

Here’s now a small tutorial for the mconnect control HD application for iOS, installed on an iPad, and that we created with the help of the Ayre QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub.

- The homepage of the mconnect application.

- The devices discovered on the network, among which the Ayre QX-5 Twenty.

- The QX-5 containing no files, it’s a blank window that appears when you select it.

- When you plug a USB drive into one of the USB A ports in the back of the QX-5, the content of this drive is displayed and you can select any file you want. It’s from the files graded ##24bits 96 kHz and so on and so forth that we have tested the USB A playback capabilities.

- When DiskStation (our NAS server) is selected, the contained files are also displayed.

- The content display choices of the Music file from the DiskStation NAS server.

- Authentication request after selecting the Qobuz application from the Library page.

- Input of the Qobuz user name and password.

- The connection with Qobuz is established and the news discovery is displayed.

- Display of the Qobuz playlists.

- The most streamed albums.

- The most downloaded albums.

- The Qobuz selections.

- After clicking on the three parallel lines next to the back arrow, you reach your Qobuz personal space.

- The choice of resolutions for streaming and imports in the settings.

- Your favorites.

- Choosing an album in the favorites.

- By clicking on “Play to”, you’ll see the Ayre QX-5 appear as a compatible device.

- You select the Ayre QX-5 so that it reproduces the album.

- The album is reproduced by the Ayre QX-5 Digital Hub.

- By clicking on the “More” icon, in blue under the album cover, you’ll reach the information relative to this album.

- After clicking on the small speaker-shaped icon located in the top left corner, you reach the information relative to the device and can activate gapless playback.

- Gapless playback is activated.

- Playback of an album in Hi-Res.


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