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Al Green: Hi again

The reverend is back with another compilation of his hit singles from Hi Records.

Door Marc Zisman | Video van de dag | 16 juli 2019

Al Green, the master of sensual southern soul and refined groove, gives us his greatest tracks from Hi Records. Thanks to Willie Mitchell, producer and boss of this legendary Memphis label, the reverend Al Green and his sexual falsetto collates his 1968-1978 hits into this original production.

There is a constant battle between the temptation of the flesh and religious self-denial throughout, and Al Green remains firmly between the soul and gospel stylings of the South and the luxurious Philly sound. His voice is spellbindingly erotic, and is carried by the production of Mitchell, the backbone of many of his albums.

With restrained metronomic drums, big brass and subdued guitar playing, no one else can reach such a level of profound sensuality through the simplicity of I'm Still in Love With You or Let's Stay Together. Al Green whispers, speaks and shouts, like a soul preacher on the verge of committing sin. In 1974, he was severely burnt while in the bath by his girlfriend who committed suicide a few minutes later. Green took this as a “sign from God” and became a pastor two years later. "I learned more stuff in church than I did in the world.”

The Hi Records Singles Collection brings together all the remastered singles from his twelve albums for Hi Records, and only helps us understand his genius further. You can’t help but still be impressed by the magical combination of this unique voice and the muted music that stands the test of time. Essential listening.


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