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The Qobuz Minute #29

Door Barry Moore |

Presented by Barry Moore, The Qobuz Minute sweeps you away to the 4 corners of the musical universe to bring you an eclectic mix of today's brightest talents. Jazz, Electro, Classical, World music or Rock, There is something for all music lovers to enjoy. A brief but comprehensive outlook on the music world today.

Welcome back to the Qobuz Minute! The artists/albums of the moment this week are: Curtis Harding and his Qobuzism-awarded album debut aptly entitled Soul Power (available in HD), and the famed Talich Quartet perform the string quartets of Dvorak excellently in their latest release. Diana Krall is one week away from dropping her long-awaited album LP Wallflower, with brand new material in store for fans, while Rae Morris has released her first album LP 'Unguarded' at Warner music label. Marilyn Manson has managed to make waves with his new heavy-rock album, The Pale Emperor, and our retrospect this week is on Elvis Presley, coinciding nicely with the release of 15 newly remastered HD albums, all now available on Qobuz.

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