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Qobuz meets London Grammar

Door Marc Zisman |

Qobuz meets the English pop sensation London Grammar, a young trio obsessed with the 80s, boasting the stunning voice of singer Hannah Reid.

So, is London Grammar merely another temporary British ‘pop sensation’ that will burn out by the end of the year? To put it quite simply, no - many of you will already have come to that conclusion long before this article was published. It is clear that London Grammar will last much longer than most other newly born 'flash-in-the-pan' musical ventures. The young trio from London stands out due to the mesmerizing voice of Hannah Reid, who inspires comparisons with Romy Madley Croft from The XX, as well as older voices such as Tracy Thorn from Everything But The Girl. Her voice is incredibly atmospheric and engaging in its sophistication (it bewitched Qobuz so much that we honoured If You Wait with a Qobuzissime award!). In this interview, the enchanting Hannah and her band mates Dot Major and Dan Rothman look back on their very short career and the origin of their first album.


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