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Eric Clapton, Always Blue...

Door Marc Zisman |

Finally available in Hi-Res 24Bit, this live album recorded by God in 1994 at the Fillmore in San Francisco reminds us once again of the greatness of a musician whos is as timeless as he is modern...

A release is a great event for Slowhand fans since the documentary written and produced by Scooter Weintraub was released and only broadcast on American television in 1995, with an interview conducted by Martin Scorsese himself in which Eric Clapton proclaims his love for the blues and its icons, as well as his original soundtrack Nothing But The Blues.

We find the British guitarist on stage at the Fillmore in San Francisco in the autumn of 1994, performing his 12th studio album From The Cradle, a masterpiece that was, for the first time, 100% blues, which he released in September of the same year and which followed the huge success of his nineties revival, Unplugged (1992).

As is often the case with him, all the interest lies here: in how the live versions differ greatly from those recorded at Olympics Studios in London, although they were themselves already recorded live, i.e. without any editing and only a few additions. There are also a few unreleased tracks: Blues All Day Long by Jimmy Rogers and Malted Milk by Robert Johnson, as well as the classics Every Day I Have The Blues and Forty-Four.

And so, we are finally presented with an official digital release, since the audios of the lives of the 8th and 9th of November 1994 had previously been pressed without an agreement, and moreover, in high resolution!


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