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All Hail the Queen

Door Jessica Porter-Langson |

Madonna, the undisputed queen of pop, puts on her curator hat and releases her first album in a series of reissues, but "Finally Enough Love" comes with a twist...

Without a doubt, Madonna has drawn a lot of her influences from club music, and it seems the dance music world has returned the favour, just take a look at the tracklist for Finally Enough Love where you'll find about 46 remix tracks of Madonna's biggest hits... all hand selected by the Queen herself!

One of her early producers - John Benitez AKA Jellybean - was a resident DJ at the Fun House club in New York, where she used to dance. He was responsible for the legendary Holiday, which features prominently on this compilation. Madonna's career, being what it is and the tracks being presented chronologically, Finally Enough Love almost feels like a history book of clubbing, in which we witness the aesthetic evolution of this culture.

Although this album presents quite a mixed bag of remixes, some golden tracks can be found. Into The Groove (released for the first time in digital form) or Deeper and Deeper by New Yorker David Morales, which is as effective as it is inventive. Producer Stuart Price is also well represented, with no less than four remixes of his own, including the masterful Hung Up.

More often than not these remixes are unfortunately presented in an 'edited' form, which may leave listeners searching for the full tracks, however, this album is a delightful way to revisit the expansive catalogue of the queen of pop and may rejuvenate interest for some Day 1 fans.


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