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Micromega Myspeaker: warm restitution and a low price earn these speakers a Qobuzism!

Door Harry Chancellor |

Acoustic speakers don't get much attention in our Hi-Fi guide, with DAC's and other digital systems stealing the spotlight. With the MySpeaker from French brand Micromega's 'My' series, we clearly chose wisely because we decided to award the speakers a Qobuzism thanks mostly to their warm sound restitution.

Launched in 2012 with the MyDac digital-to-analogue converter, the 'My' range by French manufacturer Micromega has expanded to the point that it is now possible to put together an entire Hi-Fi system, cables included, with new products continuing to be added to the line.

We've tested a few products from the range before, the most recent being the MyAmp, a particularly well-designed compact device producing great audio results which we deemed worthy of a Qobuzism.

We're continuing our test bench series on the 'My' range by Micromega, which they have logically named MySpeaker.

These speakers are a compact twin-track model available in two different finishes and nicely complement the MyAmp, but can also be integrated into any other high-quality Hi-Fi system.


The Micromega MySpeaker, available in a either a white or a black finish, consists of compact speakers, fitting easily on a shelf. They're quite deep and capable of producing a decent volume for medium-bass ranges, despite their relatively small size (190 mm).

The back edges are rounded, not just for aesthetic purposes but also for acoustic reasons, as removing sharp edges avoids detrimental diffraction of the sound restitution.

There is also a large ring of felt around the tweeter, intended to reduce unwanted reflections which can reverberate around the surface surrounding the tweeter.

Housing is available to hide this, for better integration in the home.

The metal feet come equipped with isolation cones, lifting the speakers off the surface enough to allow air pushed about by the low-frequency vibrations of the bass to circulate beneath.

The loudspeakers

The bass-medium measures 13cm in diametre and has a coated paper membrane with a horn in the plastic cap which is found on the edge of the pressed steel frame.

The tweeter is a 25mm model made of a soft mesh dome with a horn in its support made of injected resin.

The loudspeakers have been made according to Micromega's specifications and benefit from serious motors: the woofer is driven by a 9cm ferrite motor which is equipped with a hood to prevent magnetic leaks (so, for example, can be used close to a CRT scanner if you so wish), whilst the tweeter is driven by a smaller 7cm ferrite motor.

The cover is of medium thickness, made of 18mm-thick dressed vinyl and with reinforced cleats fixed at particular angles.

The filter, fixed to the back plate, is made with high-quality components - non-inductive fixed resistances, an air core coil for the high ranges, and non-polarised MKT polyester-film capacitors - all of a decent size.


The terminal is compatible with both banana pins and bare wires (providing they're not too thick) and allows for bi-wiring.


Working with a Sony UDA-1 digital-to-analogue amplifier (lacking the Micromega MyAmp amplifier), the MySpeaker shows an analytic approach with a warm and lovely restitution of the offertorium from Dvořák's Requiem as performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra an Choir led by Antoni Wit (and in 24-bit/96kHz Studio Masters).

As is to be expected, the low bass range can come across as a little discreet, but the restitution of the orchestral and choral mass is clear and the vocal line in particular is well-balanced, with the top notes coming out delicate and soft.

The great sound is particularly noticeable when listening to excerpts from the album Vespri per l'Assunzione di Maria Vergine by the Concerto Italiano led by Rinaldo Alessandrini, in which the speakers do not leave you wanting for exuberance (particularly with the strings) and produce a very warm, musical restitution to create overall a beautiful soundscape. The warm restitution works perfectly with Chaleur Humain, taken from the album of the same name by Christine and The Queens. Despite its relatively modest proportions, the MySpeaker holds its own with the rhythmic bass and the subtle modulations of the vocal line.

Listening to Anthem by Moby from the Miami Vice Soundtrack, you're taken by the rhythm and the dreamy atmosphere, which becomes particularly captivating with these speakers.

In conclusion, whilst we are obviously not dealing with studio speakers here, the Micromega MySpeaker has really impressed us with some wonderful musical moments. We have therefore decided to award a Qobuzism to the MySpeaker.

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Original article by PHILIPPE DAUSSIN
Translation by RACHEL HARPOLE