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Interview with Diana Krall

Door Marc Zisman |

The Canadian pianist and singer is back with an air of pop on her new album Wallflower. Here she is in an exclusive interview with Qobuz.

Whether she is revisiting a jazz standard or a classic of Brazilian bossa, Diana Krall makes every melody she touches her own. Her vocal talents are far from her only ones, as she is also an excellent pianist; classy and refined, she is much less ruthless than some may have you believe. After having more than proved her talent in the jazz world over the course of over ten albums, with Wallflower she enters the realm of pop - pure, unadulterated and deliberate pop. Cover versions are undoubtedly taken from Krall's adolescence at a time when, as she likes to point out, there was no such thing as streaming or downloads; just vinyls and the radio. On this her new album, entitled Wallflower and released on Verve, are songs from names including The Mama's & The Papa's, Elton John, Eagles, 10CC, Gilbert O'Sullivan and Bob Dylan, as well as the title track Wallflower, which lends its name to the album conceived with producer David Foster. Why does this album appear at this point in Krall's career? How did she pick the songs which feature on it? And what does it say about her relationship with covers generally? Diana Krall poses all of these questions and more, exploring what it means to work with different producers and to be married to a colleague - a certain Elvis Costello...

Original article by MARC ZISMAN
Translation by RACHEL HARPOLE

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