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In Engels

Sleepwalking Pop

Door Brunhild M. |

Pop is a dream and electro is a no man’s land with Isaac Delusion…

It’s somewhere between pop and electro… so... pop-tronica? Artists have been pigeonholed in this manner over and over again in recent years, providing us with a good starting point for discussing Isaac Delusion, because it holds especially true in their case. As we were saying, this young Parisian group (sitting somewhere between pop and electro) enjoys playing celestial organs. Their voices remind us of Antony Hagarty of Antony & The Johnsons, or Patrick Watson. The music is a little bit of everything, but mostly 80s new wave mixed with dance-pop, to create an eponymous debut album that's frankly mesmerising. With its contemporary sound and top-notch lyrics, Isaac Delusion is undoubtedly here to stay, guys. Whatever genre you want to call it, we’ve given it the Qobuz thumbs-up!

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