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Violent Femmes Find Shelter

40 years past, yet it seems like nothing has changed.

Door Clotilde Maréchal | Video van de dag | 7 augustus 2019

At the dawn of the 80s, the Violent Femmes invented a sort of joyful folk punk, drawing from Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers. It was delightfully wonky, energetic and careless, which would influence many groups thereafter, and not just Gaëtan Roussel and Louise Attaque. At 56 years old, Gordon Gano hasn't lost any of his energy, or his corrosive brand of humour, nor even his knack of putting out killer choruses. Proof with Hotel Last Resort, with which he drags once again the Violent Femmes on to the beaten but charming track. Ultimate luxury, he even invited Tom Verlaine from Television onto the title track single. The album doesn’t ever smell like naphthalene, and it will surely please all the nostalgic, die-hard fans. © Clotilde Maréchal/Qobuz


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