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Shoegaze Behemoths Turn Their Eyes Forwards

The seminal 90s band Ride are out with a sophomore comeback album!

Door Alexis Renaudat | Video van de dag | 16 augustus 2019

Following their 2017 electronic comeback, Weather Diaries, Ride have been hard at work. Barely two years after the 90s shoegaze titans reformed, Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Loz Colbert and Steve Queralt are out with This Is Not A Safe Place. The band’s new lease on life was anything but a fluke: their 6th studio album finds a calculated balance between dream pop, krautrock and electronic samples. Risk-taking, as implied by the title, is frequent, starting with the introduction, R.I.D.E. The nightmarish welcome blends in maniacal whispers that are simultaneously an invitation (Ride!) and a statement (Ride!). Then, the mood shifts considerably: Future Love promises budding romance over bittersweet shoegaze and jangle-pop guitar leads. The contrast between heartfelt rêveries and 80s style industrial bangers carries on through the rest of the album: Repetition anchors the latter style through a Juno-6 bass line which lends it a near-Kraftwerk vibe. Andy Bell had a few words about the song himself, saying “It was one of the very first songs written for the album, and has always felt to me like one of the best songs I've written.”. Well Andy, you could’ve said that about most of the songs on this record, and we’d be hard pressed to disagree. © Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz

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