Serena Fisseau and Vincent Peirani, for young and old...

With "So Quiet", the singer and the jazz accordionist create a sweet and delicious enchanted interlude for parents and children...

Door Clotilde Maréchal | Video van de dag | 22 juni 2019

Enzo is 9 years old, Izao is 3, and their parents have recorded an album just for them. They’re not just your average parents, mind. The father is none other than jazz accordionist Vincent Peirani and the mother is singer and children’s show-creator Serena Fisseau, and together they have created a charming record for young and old.

It’s a subtle dialogue between voice and accordion and the songs are filled with a shared sense of comfort. Serena Fisseau, a singer steeped in jazz (both traditional and improvised) moves effortlessly from English to Portuguese, from French to Indonesian - her two mother tongues. Her multilingualism acts as a common thread between the opening songs Bengawan and Javanaise through to La Bourdique, a captivating Occitan ballad.

Peirani, an eclectic jazzman who often blurs the boundaries between genres, once again proves his musical dexterity, moving from Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz to La Tendresse, a song made popular by the French actor and singer Bourvil, as well as covering What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and And I Love Her by The Beatles.

And it’s not only the accordion that he plays here, but also a Wurlitzer piano and even the plastic bags! A real delight.


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