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London Calling: 40 years later

On the 14th of December 1979, Joe Strummer’s band released their 3rd album, a double feature now considered to be one of the best rock albums ever made…

Door Marc Zisman | Video van de dag | 14 december 2019

Referring to London Calling as a masterpiece goes without saying, but where The Clash really shine over the course of their third studio album is in their capacity to review the history of rock’n’roll with grandeur, eclecticism and richness.

The impeccably restless production from Guy Stevens, who had just worked with Mott the Hoople and Procol Harum has not aged one bit in four decades.

Far from just being a punk, post-teen, shouting match, Joe Strummer’s band’s art manages to fuse militant and social activism throughout the whole of London Calling, but still with a subtle nod to all of their favourite genres, be it reggae (Guns Of Brixton, Rudie Can’t Fail), rockabilly (Brand New Cadillac), soul (The Right Profile), ska (Wrong ‘Em Boyo), funk (Train In Vain) and even jazz (Jimmy Jazz).

Even the album cover of London Calling, which references Elvis Presley’s 1956 debut is a masterpiece. All in all, you can’t miss this!


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