Life in your twenties

Anteros' When We Land wonderfully depicts those trepidatious yet exhilarating first steps into adult life.

Door Nicolas Magenham | Video van de dag | 11 april 2019

Anteros, the son of Ares and Aphrodite and brother of Eros, is the embodiment of requited love and punishes those who scorn it. The reference to this Greek myth is completely in keeping with the spirit of Anteros, an English band whose songs seek to bring people together into their benevolent universe and whose energetic rhythms and rock guitars act as aggressive guards protecting it. At the heart of this first album is learning the art of survival, as explained by the very “Blondie-esque” leader of this talented quartet, Laura HaydenWhen We Land is like an introduction to life in your twenties. I think that when you turn 20, you realise that you know little about life and that you have to start figuring it all out from that moment on”. Recorded with producer Charlie Andrew (alt-J, Marika Hackman), this album is full of future hits and its combination of diverse influences from indie-pop (Drive On) to disco (Fool Moon) and intimate folk rock (Ordinary Girl) works brilliantly. When We Land is an album with a future as bright as Laura’s bleach-blonde locks.


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