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Kylie Minogue: over 30 years in the industry

The Australian megastar returns with an Expanded edition of her greatest hits compilation "Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection", a non-stop party from start to finish including hits from every point of her career!

Door Christopher Steele | Video van de dag | 2 december 2019

Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection is Kylie Minogue’s fourth ‘greatest hits’ release in her career, a testament to her ability to keep producing timeless bangers that blend nostalgic club beats with catchy melodies: pop, plain and simple.

Since the beginning of her music career, way back in 1987, Kylie has surfed the wave of different eras of pop: the standard origins of the late 80s, the dance-driven 90s followed by a move towards the inclusion of electro beats in the 2000s and 2010s. Nevertheless, the sound has always remained distinctly Kylie: upbeat, sparkling anthems that are never impossible to dance to.

The first twenty-two tracks are dedicated to her most recent, post-millenium hits, highlights including the inescapable Can’t Get You out of My Head, Love at First Sight and Wow, as well as the only new song, New York City.

These are closely followed by a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a selection of Kylie’s more disco-infused hits like I Should Be So Lucky, Better the Devil You Know and the track that kickstarted the success of her career, The Loco-Motion. This Expanded edition includes eight more songs from various different previous albums, and finishes off with an F9 Megamix section, on which eighteen of Minogue’s biggest tunes have been edited together into one non-stop, 40-minute-long party mix.

Fans of the pop megastar will de delighted with this compilation, which leaves us with only one question: what does Kylie have in store for the 2020s?


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