Jamie Cullum, all grown up

With the eclectic "Taller", his 8th studio album, the Brit releases his most introspective work...

Door Charlotte Saintoin | Video van de dag | 14 juni 2019

Eight albums already! About to turn forty, this gifted Englishman is back with Taller.

The singer-songwriter from Essex relies on his faithful arranger and multi-instrumentalist Troy Miller to produce an opus that’s as concise as it is eclectic, clocking in at less than 40 minutes in length.

In it, Cullum questions the responsibility of a father and an artist in our modern society. “Are you a man before your father dies?” / “But what’s a man these days? I hear you cry” / “And are we raising up our children right” on the piano/vocal song The Age Of Anxiety.

The British artist showcases his outstanding versatility with gospel choirs in Mankindou Monster, stylish jazz in You Can’t Hide Away From Love, the funky Usher elevated by Tom Richards’ tenor saxophone, or adorned pop in Life Is Grey.

This album’s main strength is its perfect balance, achieved through a lush yet never overcrowded orchestration of strings, winds, Hammond organ, and above all vocals – especially Cullum’s with his incredible range, but also female choirs. Perfect.


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