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Flaming Lips: Fit For A King

Wayne Coyne takes us on yet another trip.

Door Alexis Renaudat | Video van de dag | 23 juli 2019

What’s 33 years old, and likes to talk about giant babies and headless kings? The Flaming Lips. Although, admittedly, the 15th chapter in their discography goes quite a bit further. King’s Mouth isn’t just an album, it’s also a traveling exhibition, which has gone across the USA since 2015.

On the menu, a giant, hollow head, with interactive installations, music, lights and pictures created by the frontman Wayne Coyne. All kinds of media follow the spectator around a multi-sensory experience. King’s Mouth is the soundtrack to the exhibition, as well as an album from now on.

The 41 minute story, told by Mick Jones (The Clash) touches upon, love, death and bravery, with the same kind of joyful innocence you would have expected from Shel Silverstein; it’s a transformative, universal experience – “made for humans of all sizes, ages, cultures, and religions” according to Coyne himself. Music is practically a backdrop here, but dreams, travels and other mystical illuminations are guaranteed. © Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz


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