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Fabric turns 20

The London club and music label celebrates 20 years in the industry with the release of a compilation of exclusive tracks from its most iconic artists...

Door Smaël Bouaici | Video van de dag | 9 december 2019

A flag-bearer of the London electronic music scene, Fabric has seen over 1000 weekends of parties into the small hours of the morning over the past twenty years.

The club has managed to turn these party animals into music lovers by means of its two series of compilations, Fabric and FabricLive.

In 2018 however, the label announced the end of these series, with the hundredth volume of Fabric entrusted to the historic resident DJs of the club, Craig Richards and Terry Francis and the 100th episode of FabricLive dedicated to breakbeat music (dubstep, drum'n'bass...) in the hands of Burial and Kode9.

The unifying series Fabric Presents then took over, featuring Bonobo, Kölsch, Martinez Brothers, and Amelie Lens this year. But for its 20th anniversary, Fabric decided to revisit the former dichotomy with a double compilation: 20 Years Of fabric. This features exclusive tracks by artists who have worked with the label, which are among some of the most interesting on the scene.

Highlights from the breakbeat disc include Shackleton, who made his mark with Fabric 55, J. Majik, James Lavelle, and the master of dubstep Pinch.

Techno-wise, there's British producer Maya Jane Coles, Berghain powerhouse Marcel Dettman and of course Nina Kraviz, who delivers what is maybe some of her best work with Da, a breathless and hypnotic techno beat. There's also Margaret Dygas with Zeitgeist, 10 minutes of iconoclastic and minimalist jazzy techno.



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