Denzel Curry: Miami Madness

The California-based rapper dedicates his new very trap album to his native Miami...

Door Charlotte Saintoin | Video van de dag | 23 juni 2019

At just 29 minutes, the latest release from Denzel Curry feels more like a mixtape than an album. Less than a year after the tour de force of TA13000, an unclassifiable record that mixed black metal and electro, making him one of the most interesting players on the rap scene (and helped him climb into the Billboard 200), the Florida-born rapper based in Los Angeles returns with the more trappy ZUU.

He mostly freestyles about homesickness, and invites onto the album locals Rick Ross (Beardz), Kiddo Marv (Wish), Ice Billion Berg, Sam Sneak (Shake 88) and PlayThatBoiZay (Pat).

ZUU is an ode to his hometown Carol City, Florida, nicknamed “zoo” by Denzel. However, the album is a departure from a concept album, and takes measures to be spontaneous, without wasting time.

With faithful producers FNZ and Charlie Heat at his side, he "shoots first, ask questions later.” "We didn’t go in with an opinion. If you go and formulate an opinion already, you ain’t gon’ get shit done,” explains Curry, who toured with Billie Eilish in 2019 and completed his Flying Lotus ‘Balloon’ trilogy (Black Balloons and The Blackest Balloons on TA13OO) with Black Balloons Reprise on Flamagra. At the age of 24, Denzel Curry has created a dazzling opus that still sets itself apart from the rest of the Florida scene.


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