Bondy bounces back

After an 8-year absence, the cult Troubadour has released a 4th album of melancholic folk music with synthetic sounds.

Door Marc Zisman | Video van de dag | 23 mei 2019

After eight years of absence, Auguste Arthur Bondy, or ‘A.A.’ to those that know him, has finally emerged from his Californian hideaway and released a follow-up to Believers (2011), When the Devil’s Loose (2009) and American Hearts (2007).

Three sublime works of melancholic folk rock wrapped up in bands of reverb that give his velvety music the endearing sensation of a waking dream.

This daydream is all-the-more present on Enderness. Like Bon Iver (but without the auto-tune), this southerner based in California breaks conventions of folk sound in exchange for a number of synthetic effects. His music surfs on a wave of ethereal soul sometimes akin to the new-age of Brian Eno.

When it comes to prose, it remains far from joyful and anguished lyrics remain Bondy’s go-to. But A.A. Bondy is gifted and succeeds in turning his sea of despair into gold. Extremely sad yet incredibly beautiful.


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