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Bob Mould - Blue Hearts

Door Marc Zisman |

In 2019, Bob Mould went a little off the rails with Sunshine Rock, a brighter album despite sociopolitical engagement remaining firmly on the agenda.

The ex-frontman of Hüsker Dü and Sugar surprised us with a weighty and personal series of works including Silver Age (2012), which followed on from his autobiography in which he explained his coming out as a gay man. Beauty & Ruin (2014) dwelled on the death of his father and Patch the Sky (2016) on that of his mother… A few weeks shy of his sixtieth birthday, Mould dives once again into the fires of his past struggles with the raging Blue Hearts. His dismay at the turbulent state of the United States fuels his latest artistic interest. Tracks such as Next Generation, Forecast of Rain and Racing to the End leave no doubt regarding the inspiration behind his 14th solo album.

The direction of this irascible bridge between punk and American hardcore is all the more clear on the high-powered single American Crisis. “After my last tour and seeing the state of the country, I needed to express myself.” Mould still has the incredible capacity to highlight the strong melodies under the tsunami of electric guitars and powerful rhythms (American Crisis and When You Left).

We have not heard such virulence from Bob Mould in years.


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