Andrew Bird: His most beautiful flight

With "My Finest Work Yet", the American songwriter spreads his wings and takes on an anti-Trump folk-rock trip...

Door Charlotte Saintoin | Video van de dag | 9 april 2019

It wasn’t so long ago that Andrew Bird was recording his music onsite for his Echolocations series, but it seems since then he has had a change of heart. With the series still unfinished, he has released the bold new album My Finest Work Yet whose cover was inspired by the famous 1793 painting La Mort de Marat by Jacques-Louis David. This time, the album was recorded live in studio and produced by Paul Butler, the champion of retro sounds who now brings us folk-rock road-trip tunes like Sispyphus with its 60’s vibe. The album’s lyrics are overtly political and make an appeal against Trump’s America as Bird started writing it after the elections had taken place. Upon listening to the music, it soon becomes clear that the title of the album is more of a humble truth than an attempt to brag as Bird is truly at the top of his game. Plush, sophisticated melodies are enhanced by vocals, whistling, strings and piano which all come together to produce a delightful sound. Although it may be America’s favourite instrument, in all but the folk ballad Bellevue Bridge Club the album favours a greater instrumental variety than just the violin. Well-produced and rich yet still light, we would have to agree with Bird – this is his finest work yet.


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