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Operafragmenten - Verschenen op 20 oktober 2017 | Warner Classics

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At 52, soprano Angela Gheorghiu has lost none of her bite, none of her character, and certainly none of her voice, as evidenced by this album of melodies from the Italian verist's repertoire. Some are the great hits: "Vissi d'arte" from Tosca, outstanding moments from Cavalleria rustincana, from Ponchielli's La Joconde, but also overlooked pearls like La Bohème… only not Pucchini's, but Leoncavallo's, which is no less fascinating and much closer to Murger's book; or indeed Giordano's Siberia, now fallen out of fashion, and many others. After a global career punctuated by great heights, superb successes, U-turns, upsets and about-faces, has the soprano arrived at a level of peace that allows her to plunge back into this repertoire with a new eye? It's for the listener to judge: but they will surely not be disappointed. She calls upon the tenor Joseph Calleja and bassist Richard Novak for two great duets.


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