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Viool solo - Verschenen op 26 april 2019 | Channel Classics Records

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Still relatively unknown outside of Northern Europe, Rosanne Philippens is one of the best Dutch violinists of her young generation. She has an exclusive recording contract with label Channel Classics. The fifth album of this fruitful collaboration, "Insight", is also the young musician’s very first solo programme, proposing works from Biber, Bach, Enescu and Ysaÿe, as well as a few improvisations, bridging the gap between pieces. Right from the incipit of Biber’s Passacaglia, Rosanne Philippens amazes with the fleshy, woody sonority of her instrument, the brightness of her phrasings and the flow of her conceptions. This programme features a dialogue between centuries, a conversation between wildly diverse aesthetics, and must be approached like a genuine journey, without markers, a dive into the unknown. The works are fragmented; J. S. Bach’s Partita No. 2 for instance is presented in two distinct pieces, and doesn’t even include the final Chaconne − maybe in volume two? Biber’s wonderful Passacaglia (perhaps its most beautiful recorded interpretation on a violin) opens and closes the album. To go along, some fantastic pieces by Enescu, starting with the Sarabande, a clear homage to the Thomaskantor. In the very rare Airs dans le genre roumain, Rosanne Philippens attests her natural insight into Eastern European compositions – she has already recorded many of Bartók and Szymanowski’s works. An artist worth discovering in a particularly bold programme. © Pierre-Yves Lascar/Qobuz
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Viool solo - Verschenen op 19 april 2019 | Channel Classics Records

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