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Missen, passies, requiems - Verschenen op 6 september 2019 | harmonia mundi

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Brahms’s Requiem, completed in 1868, draws on the legacy of his forerunners, Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach. In setting texts from the German Bible, it deliberately departs from the models of the Catholic liturgy and imposes a sorrowing yet consolatory meditation on death and the Last Judgment, in the manner of a poignant and grandiose cradle song for the dead. © harmonia mundi
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Vocale muziek (wereldlijk en religieus) - Verschenen op 3 mei 2019 | Sony Classical

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Here’s a remarkable recording showcasing a little known aspect of Brahms’ genius: his sacred choral music. As a choirmaster in Detmold, Hamburg and Vienna, he left behind an enormous amount of choral works, both sacred and secular. Composed based on extracts from Hölderlin’s famous epistolary novel Hyperion, the Song of Destiny (Schicksalslied) opens this splendid album with an atmosphere reminiscent of A German Requiem. The first two verses picked by Brahms invoke the carefree and peaceful world of Ancient Gods, while the third ends with a dramatic illustration of human destiny. This contrast is a recurring theme throughout Brahms’ literary choices, and makes up the backbone of this recording.Conducted with great suppleness and inwardness by Gijs Leenaars, the works featured in this great album evoke Ancient Greece, a leitmotiv of German romanticism, as well as a form of angst towards life, with unanswered existential questions regarding suffering and pain inflicted by an all-powerful God. This programme alternates between works for a cappella choirs (the excellent Berlin Radio Choir showing an exceptional range of nuances) and others intended for orchestras (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin). © François Hudry/Qobuz