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Duo´s - Verschenen op 8 februari 2019 | harmonia mundi

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - 4F de Télérama - Gramophone Editor's Choice
Despite (or because of) composing some twenty-seven symphonies, Nikolai Myaskovsky (1881-1950) has practically been forgotten about. He was a student of Liadov and Rimsky-Korsakov and a friend of Prokofiev, but he never ventured far from his romantic style of writing even when it was fading in popularity. Despite this, he was a fantastic composer of instrumental music, as demonstrated by this First Sonata composed in 1911 which has since been revised several times. Its lyricism is perfectly suited to the cello’s rich sound that is so close to the human voice.As a finalist of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium, special prize winner at the Tchaikovsy Competition in Moscow and ADAMI Classical Musical Talent in Paris, Bruno Philippe has amassed a whole host of prizes and awards, but it is a desire to play music that motivates him rather than a desire for recognition. After an initial project dedicated to Brahms’ two Sonatas, he signed with Harmonia Mundi and released an album dedicated to Beethoven and Schubert. Here, he explores the work of Myaskovsky with pianist and composer Jérôme Ducros, however most of this new recording is dedicated to Rachmaninov and includes two of his early pieces, Prelude and Oriental Dance and the famous Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor. As an added bonus Prelude in C sharp minor is also included, a piece which Jérôme Ducros clearly enjoys playing and which we certainly enjoy listening to. This piece was one of the main reasons for the composer’s worldwide fame even though it was unexpected and he would have been grateful just for some public recognition for his symphonies. © François Hudry/Qobuz
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Duo´s - Verschenen op 5 april 2019 | Fuga Libera

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 4F de Télérama
"Masques", the title of this album, is a reference to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet; it mirrors his visionary music, so full of wit, colour and drama, that expresses every possible human emotion. The thousand characters created by the music are both actors in and spectators of their own lives by turns. The Violin Sonata No. 1 is a truly epic work; it leads us from an anguish-laden grief permeated with a gust of wind from the grave to a nostalgic lyricism — the memory of a lost paradise? — that is then driven by tremendous rhythmic energy to the apocalyptic climax of the work: we experience an explosion, a dissolution of every hope, before a return to the frozen whiteness of the beginning and an ending in resignation. The Sonata No. 2, unrestrainedly lyrical and punctuated with humour, can be seen as a contrasting counterpart to the previous work. This album also includes the undervalued Sonata for solo violin and two miniatures in Prokofiev’s characteristic style: they are filled with alacrity, humour and biting wit — an extract of life ! © Fuga Libera