What is a Qobuzissime? It’s an award presented by Qobuz for a first or second album.

Pop or Reggae, Metal or Classical, Jazz or Blues, no genre is excluded. More often than not the award is presented to a newly discovered artist.

Sometimes it might be a particularly quirky or a crossover album from a discography.

The important aspects are uniqueness, sincerity and quality. We look for these things in the recording, the project and the sound identity.


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Piano solo - Verschenen op 25 maart 2016 | Sony Classical

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Choc de Classica - Qobuzism
In 2015, young French pianist Lucas Debargue set the classical world alight at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Although he took home ‘just’ fourth prize, he also received the coveted Music Critic’s Award (all disciplines). This is all the more impressive when you consider the sort of ‘anti’ child prodigy that we have on our hands here; Debargue is a musician who arrived very late to the piano, and is entirely self-taught. ”Not since Glenn Gould graced Moscow with his presence, or the victory of Van Cliburn at the Tchaikovsky competition during the cold war, has a foreign pianist generated such excitement”, wrote the Huffington Post, known for being difficult to please. The program here was recorded in live concert at the Salle Cortot in Paris back in November 2015, and we’re delighted to add another award to a growing list for the young Frenchman, our Qobuzism award for excellence! The adventure has most certainly just begun for this exciting prospect in Classical Music.
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 2 maart 2015 | Mirare

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen Diapason d'or de l'année - Diapason d'or - 4 étoiles de Classica - Qobuzism
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Piano solo - Verschenen op 27 oktober 2008 | MONSIEUR CROCHE

Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - Pianiste Maestro - 4 étoiles de Classica - Qobuzism