Various Artists InFiné #Explorer2

InFiné #Explorer2

Various Artists

Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz

Inbegrepen: 1 Booklet

Verschenen op 29 januari 2016 bij InFiné

Hoofdartiest: Various Artists

Genre: Electro > Ambient

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Album : 1 album - 12 tracks Totale duur : 01:06:48

  1. 1 Arched Bay Window (France)

    Chamberlain, Performer - Mathieu Harlaut, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  2. 2 Shadow of Things (Taiwan)

    Han, Performer - Han, Cheng,Yeh, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  3. 3 Sync (Pakistan)

    Noahs Heark, Performer - Ziyah Habib, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  4. 4 I Swam in Lakae (France)

    CVD, Performer - Charles Dolle, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  5. 5 Made for Each Other (Turkey)

    Korhan Oraydın, Composer, Performer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  6. 6 Vague Essence (Japan)

    Ichion, Performer - Jason Hobman, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  7. 7 Chroma (France)

    The Noise Consort, Performer - Philippe Renard, Composer - Gabriel Urgell Reyes, Composer - Benjamin Morando, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  8. 8 Pure Pare (Italy)

    K-Conjog, Performer - Fabrizio Somma, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  9. 9 Lutka (France)

    Irène Drésel, Performer - Irène Billard, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  10. 10 Lythe (Germany)

    Frieder Nagel, Composer, Performer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  11. 11 Automaton (Japan)

    Masahiko Inui, Composer, Performer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

  12. 12 Klonk (England)

    Shinra, Performer - James Clarke, Composer Auteursrecht : 2016 InFiné

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Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz


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A label that is synonymous with a sound far from the simple footprint of musical "genres", borders and "scenes". This is the perfect description of InFiné music label, created in 2006 by Alexandre Cazac (artistic director) and Yannick Matray after a Francesco Tristano concert in Paris. They were later joined by Julien Gagnebien who attends to the international development of the label. Having endorsed the motto of designer Raymond Loewy "Most Advanced Yet Acceptable", the label's approach is multidisciplinary and crossover. InFiné intends "to promote meetings between styles and generations, but also between disciplines." It uses electronic music as a vector for the di...

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