Various Artists If We Pop

If We Pop

Various Artists

Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz

Inbegrepen: 1 Booklet

Verschenen op 15 juli 2014 bij InFiné

Hoofdartiest: Various Artists

Genre: Electro > House

Onderscheidingen: Hi-Res Audio (februari 2014)

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Album : 1 album - 9 tracks Totale duur : 00:45:17

  1. 1 Beats (Turzi Remix)

    Don Nino, Performer - Luke Sutherland, Composer - Nicolas Laureau, Composer - Laureau Fabrice, Composer - Pires Jean-Michel, Composer - Jerome Lorichon, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  2. 2 Machins choses (Almeeva Remix) [feat. Kid A]

    Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Performer - Serge Gainsbourg, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  3. 3 Grass (Robin Guthrie Remix)

    Cubenx, Performer - Cesar Urbina, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  4. 4 Silently (Sissi Lewis Remix)

    Clara Moto, Performer - Clara Prettenhofer, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  5. 5 Parade (Blind Digital Citizen Remix)

    Rone, Performer - Erwan Castex, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  6. 6 Strings of Life (Apparat Remix)

    Francesco Tristano Schlimé, Performer - Derrick May, Composer - Michael James, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  7. 7 Check Chuck (Monokle Remix)

    Composer, Performer - Eric Raynaud, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  8. 8 License to Confuse (Club Edit)

    Outer Fall, Performer - Lou Barlow, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

  9. 9 Clunker (The Same Interpretation)

    Spitzer, Performer - Damien Bregere, Composer - Matthieu Bregere, Composer Auteursrecht : 2013 InFiné

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Hi-Res 24-bits – 44.10 kHz


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A label that is synonymous with a sound far from the simple footprint of musical "genres", borders and "scenes". This is the perfect description of InFiné music label, created in 2006 by Alexandre Cazac (artistic director) and Yannick Matray after a Francesco Tristano concert in Paris. They were later joined by Julien Gagnebien who attends to the international development of the label. Having endorsed the motto of designer Raymond Loewy "Most Advanced Yet Acceptable", the label's approach is multidisciplinary and crossover. InFiné intends "to promote meetings between styles and generations, but also between disciplines." It uses electronic music as a vector for the di...

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